ASNs 140

Ports 310

Peak(Gb/s) 700

The Internet and all its applications are all around us and have almost become part of our life. Many of us feel the need to be online 24/7, to be connected with family, colleagues and customers, or with the world at large. The main purpose of GE-CIX is to combine and merge all possible internet services, entertainment, online job, automated remote processes.

Global Internet Exchange and Peering Network (c) POPs Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Stokholm, Helsinki, Wien, Amsterdam, Ashburn USA (Washington DC), London, Kiev, Warsaw, Moscow, Zagreb, Zurich, Prague, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Manchester.

With support of Level3, GE-CIX as well as its customers is present in datacenters worldwide, with the highest density of interconnections. That is one of the reasons, why GE-CIX provides services with the highest standarts. As partner of euNetworks, GE-CIX provides the best connectivity in Europe.

The key aspects of the project are highly frequented social networks, internet service providers, operator networks and CDN.