Global Peering

GE-CIX offers different products in order to achieve an optimal connection to the GE-CIX Exchange. Alongside a 1GE, 10GE, 40GE and 100GE connection to the GE-CIX network, it is possible to realize a Layer 2 connection. The connection can be provided in different locations in the metro and regional area as well as international territory. In addition the equipment can be placed in one of the participating Datacenters. Our peering policy allows customers to connect directly to 485 providers.


Port   Speed, Mbit/s   Price (MRC)
1GE   500   250 €
1GE   1000   450 €
10GE   2000   650 €
10GE   3000   950 €
10GE   10000   1300 €
40GE   40000   4500 €
100GE   100000   7500 €

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